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Gear Maintenance - How to not be a 'Stinky goalie'

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Hey team, its that time of year again when you open up the goalie bag for the first time in weeks (or months) and realise you forgot to air it out the last time you used it. Yuk!!

I am a big believer in looking after your gear but also making sure that it does not smell. For so long Ive heard the term 'stinky' goalie and always hated it because personally I take really good care of my gear and wash it weekly, plus I believe the field players shoes and gloves are often worse than our kit anyway. So, here are my top tips for looking after your kit and preventing the smell.

1. Air you gear out properly after EVERY session. You gear should never stay zipped up in the bag unless it has already been aired or washed. Number one rule

2. Wash your smocks, cover short, head bands, groin guard, arms and any inner gloves weekly. If you put the gear on more than twice a week (or are a big sweater) you should ensure you wash the gear either in a bath or washing machine weekly. If the main items are too tricky then at least wash your smocks. PLEASE!

3. Personal hygiene. This one goes without saying but staying clean yourself can make a big difference. Every athlete gets sweaty while playing or training but unfortunately for us we also get the smell of the equipment on our hands and body too. So showering is key but so is having a really good deodorant. I have tried every one under the sun and have finally find what I believe is the best deodorant on the market. Its called NO PONG! I know right, how perfect! It works so well that I can now feel confident that even the toughest training session won't cause me any embarrassment due to body odour. Its a natural product and comes in a tin so easy to keep in your hockey bag. I highly recommend you guys get some as it is an absolute Game changer! check it out here

4. Change the perception. Help me to change peoples thinking by proving to them that goalies don't always smell. I am very proud of my reputation as a 'non smelly keeper' and work hard to keep it that way. We all know those keepers who a famous for the smell that is so bad no one will stand next to them in the team huddle! Put the above actions into place and we can all make a difference to improve the reputation. 


Great job guys. Keep up the good work

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