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Great sportsmanship

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Just a quick note to congratulate Jayde Temby on her amazing attitude and sportsmanship during the bronze medal match for the recent indoor club championships in Victoria.

We had already left, but I'm told by a number of people that Jayde really looked after the opposing keeper from MCC (much younger and much less experienced) who was quite nervous about impending shoot outs to finish the game.

Good on you Jayde - GK's looking after each other is fantastic to see.

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Isn’t this awesome to see. My daughter had the same thing at the u/15 QLD championships. She was asked to step in to the second team. She was so nervous as she was only 10 at the time. The keeper from Brisbane came up to her after the final game to tell her what a great job she had done.

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It’s so lovely to hear these stories. Thank you both for sharing and let’s keep the amazing support going! The goalie world is a special community so we should  aim to support each other however we can 🙂