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What gear do we use?  


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29/09/2019 4:46 pm  

Hi everyone,

I just thought we could talk about what gear we use and how we like them.  This is not to start a debate on what brand is best, rather talk about what we have and like about the gear.  There may a mix of gear you use and we can learn from each other about what could work and what doesn't.


For myself, I have brought my first full set of gear for a long time and I was given a great deal with Mercian.  I have always used Obo and still love the gear but found that Merican was a good alternative.

From head to toe, I have an Itech Ice hockey helmet that is ready to retire.  It is a shame they are not made anymore as for me they are very comfortable and protective.  It took a couple of decent knocks this season so I think it is time to retire.

My upper protection is Mercian Evolution.  It is a full-body protection unit and is very light and protective.  The drawback is it gets very hot and needs a lot of good airing and cleaning.  It has a floating abdominal guard that is adjustable.

I have a gryphon smock and a practice ice hockey shirt for tops and both are really good.

Lower body protection is Mercian extreme and again light and good protection.  If you play more upright and move around it is really good.  

Left guard is a large pad that covers a large area.  One difference is it is the convex shape and I seem to prefer that for making saves.  Very good rebound and easy to deflect balls away.

I have the European style right handguard and it is the first one and I love it.  I have been able to make some good saves and deflections with it.

My leg guards and kickers are Mercian Evolution Pro.  They are also very light compared with Obo equivalent (only brand I can compare too) and offer good protection.  The sweet spot in the instep offers great rebound.  The wings are good for sliding and if you log it offers a good cover over the backboard.

I do find the wear is hard on my right kicker but the other gear is doing a bit as well.  

My stick is DM1 Merican stick.  It is the best one I have used.  It is very light and a powerful contact sweet spot.  It has basalt in it and that appears unique from what I can tell.  This helps with it being light.

I use Mizuno shoes for turf and they are comfortable and offer good grip.

I am happy with the kit overall and still am a fan of Obo.  I got this kit for financial reasons but still love Obo.  The wear is a concern and for that reason, I am not sure about value for money.  The turfs here are not top quality and my technique also contribute to that.


Anyway happy to hear reviews for other gear as I look to replace gear in the future.  But I would say that it is interesting to try other gear and find your preferences.



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07/11/2019 9:45 pm  

I'm OBO all the way. Worn it for 20 years. 

I have worn Slazenger, mazon and TK.


I prefer an ice hockey chest plate but it's super heavy.


Shoes I'm not fussed on. I need new shoes next season. Was given a pair of ASICS I wore for 3 years haha


Stick is atlas sabre. I hated my tk stick

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