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Hi Rach

At a short corner in last weekends game castle 1 returned the ball straight back to the injector who received the ball about 2.5mts out from my right post at roughly 2o'clock from my right hand goal post and the base line. Initially I've gone out three steps as usual, but have then backed up to the right post just off my line, an arms distance in front of me is my right back, an arms distance in front of him is my second runner who's come from left to right to cover and he's engaging the injector. I can't see the ball at all, I can't see who had possession, but I could see other attackers hovering in around the 9 yard area.

For a split second I contemplated dropping to an aussie block on my right side, but for some reason discounted it and remained on my feet hoping if the ball came through the legs of my defenders I'd get lucky, if not I was upright and ready to react to a shot from the spot should the injector control the ball and release it.

As it was, my second runner managed to control the ball and force a defensive free hit. However, for the rest of the match I felt like that was my weakest moment during that game and couldn't shake the feeling that had the injector controlled it better we would have been down by 1 in the first 10minutes of the game.

When you find yourself in really tight situations like that, when you can't see the ball or who has possession what's your decision making process? How often does it work, not work etc.

Rach Lynch
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Hey Doug, thanks for the email. It is a tricky one and I can appreciate your frustrations. 

This happens to me ALL the time haha. I hate it. Defenders getting in the way is so frustrating but sometimes there is not much you can do. You can’t save what you can’t see.
Having brave players is key because at least when in the way they will get hit with the ball. 
First tip is stay calm and balanced. It’s usually the shock if not being able to see that causes an error rather than the lack of visibility. Calling is your next option. Saying move if you have time. Then it’s just about reacting. 
Working with defenders around this stuff is key too. Explaining to them how important it is to move in ways that help you see and make decisions. Sometimes with their best intestine they get caught like a deer in the headlights. 
Anyway I hope that helps a bit