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Imagine a clown at the circus, he is juggling 6 balls and you are watching, waiting for him to drop one. If I could have a representation of life, that would be it. I am juggling many things in my life, hoping nothing falls down, and believe it or not that is exactly how I like It. I am a sister, daughter, granddaughter, girlfriend, coach, Uni student, and a semi-full-time employee but one of the most important hats I wear is that I’m a goalkeeper.


Hannah Astbury GoalkeepingLike most people these days, there is a lot going on in my life and often it can become a tough balancing act. I work Monday to Friday, I study online full time and I train with Hockey QLD and the QAS. Some days, I admit, are overwhelming. Every day it seems that the to-do list gets longer and the days get shorter, but I wouldn’t have It any other way. I enjoy that I’m busy, I enjoy the fact that I am privileged enough to spend my days doing the things I am passionate about. Although some days can be tough, there are moments of every day where I am grateful for where I am now.


I started goalkeeping when I was about 9 years old. I got into the position because I was pretty certain that I was going to play for the Australian soccer team and I thought ‘well this is a great way to practice for that’, leave the judgment, I was 9. I started in the West’s under 11 team in Townsville and it was love at first save. I often get the comment, “why are you a goalie” or “you must be crazy”, generally I reply with some sort of quick-witted comment like ‘yeah, you’re probably right, I am crazy’. But what they don’t realise is the feeling of being a goalie, now all you goalies out there probably know exactly what I am talking about. There is nothing quite like pulling off a spectacular save, or stopping the ball in the last minute of the game for a win or being put in 1 on 1’s and coming out victorious. Now, we can’t score goals but I am a firm believer that Goalkeepers win games (I might be slightly bias).


GoalkeepingI have had some special moments in my goalkeeper life so far, 6 gold medals at nationals, 7 silver medals and 3 bronze, a couple of international tours, and few different things in between all of which have taught me a lot of valuable lessons about hockey but more importantly about myself. All of these would not have been possible without the unwavering support from my mum and dad.


Whilst growing up, once I had decided that goalkeeping was for me and I wanted to see how far it could take me, Dad would take me out to hockey every Sunday morning for usually an hour and a half and we would train together. Dad wasn’t a goalkeeper himself but has played hockey for most of his life, and my god, did he do his best to train me. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I wouldn’t have been the youngest person to play for the QLD Scorchers or any other QLD team for that matter without him. Mum was also an influential figure. She doesn’t know a lot about hockey, but she will certainly tell me when I’ve done something wrong. She is also the person who will never fail to remind me that she is proud of me and the feeling of hearing that beats all of the medals I have on my shelf.


Hanna Astbury

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