Life in lockdown – Resources to keep you entertained during COVID-19

As the world continues to find it's way through the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are unable to play the sport we love. In Australia in particular many of you were so excited for Hockey to resume only to have hopes dashed by the return of lockdowns to Melbourne and the complete cancellation of the 2020 hockey season.

To help you all get through this time away from the game I've put together a list (some free, some paid) of hockey resources to help you pass the time. These are some of my favourite resources. Please read, listen, watch and learn. You can always keep learning even when off the pitch.


Hockey Books:

The Coach: Ric Charlesworth

Arguably Australia's most successful and innovative Hockey Coach, the book encapsulates Ric’s beliefs in coaching, drawing experience from both his hockey & cricket background. He speaks in-depth about the need for co-operation and how striving for excellence by managers and leaders, filters down, encouraging everyone to achieve their goal.

Available from or Amazon (international)


Beyond the Limits: Alyson Annan

Alyson AnnanAustralian Hockeyroo champion and now coach of the world beating Dutch hockey team, Alyson's story is a must read for anyone who hasn't already.

An older book and sometimes a little hard to track down a copy. Usually available from Amazon




Audio Book - Legacy by James Kerr

Again this one is not directly hockey related but a great listen for anyone interested in understanding how the NZ All Blacks rugby team became the worlds most successful sporting outfit. Available from all good audio book stores. Audible link


Hockey Podcasts


The Held Side podcastA great Podcast by current Australian player Tom Craig where he speaks to some of the most recognisable names in world hockey. My favourites: Rechelle Hawkes, Ava De Goede and Katrina Powell. Available on all good podcast platforms. iTunes








It would be remiss of me not to mention STOMP. Of course there are a huge range of videos online to build your skills during your time away from the game. Checkout the preseason package for plenty of drills you can do at home.

Netflix Doco - Lucha: Playing the impossible

Known simply as "Lucha," Argentinian field hockey player Luciana Aymar shares her tumultuous and triumphant journey to become the best in the world. I was fortunate to play many games against Lucha and wow what an incredible player she was. A fantastic behind the scenes documentary on the life of a hockey legend

Kayo - 2019 Pro League

Want to go back and relive the highlights of the 2019 Pro League. Most games are still available on Kayo Sport

Instagram TV - The Last Time I Cried presented by Hamish McLachlan

Not a hockey video but one I highly recommend watching. These episodes explore the personal side of some of our footballers. Seeing them open up and be vulnerable is quite rare in a male sport. I think it is healthy to share your story as an athlete. Athletes are not super human but sometimes we forget.

Youtube - Penalty shoot outs

Watch and learn. Youtube is full of great videos that can be used to scout technique and identify tricks from attacking players. Others are just great to watch for the adrenaline and excitement of some amazing finishes to games. Just jump on and search for Hockey Penalty Shoot outs.

TED Talk - Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

One of the most fascinating people Ive ever listened to. Id recommend you have a note book handing when listening to this talk.


Home Court: Sports at home

An interesting little app (I have no affiliations with it) that I've seen promoted by a few of the Aussie NBA stars. To quote the website: "Practice with fun and engaging, interactive workouts powered by advanced mobile AI. It’s less like training and more like a video game." Let me know what you think. More info via




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