Elite (8 videos)

The difference between playing club level hockey and being an elite athlete at the highest level of your chosen sport is about more than just on the field skills and talent. Looking after your body and mind off the pitch are just as critical and so with this package I want to give you an insight into my life and how I manage the off field aspects.


Over these 8 videos I’ll step away from the pitch, ditch the pads and spend some time with you talking about how I manage life beyond hockey.


  1. Recovery [6:25]
  2. Elite lifestyle – Creating good habits [8:57]
  3. Making training a lifestyle – training on holidays [7:51]
  4. Balance – Sport, Study, Life [12:02]
  5. Leadership [7:38]
  6. Resilience [17:32]
  7. Goal setting [7:51]
  8. Non Selection [18:55]