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Junior Goalkeeper Coaching Program

Junior Level Program

26 Videos

Club Level Program

26 Videos
Elite Goalkeeper Coaching Program

Elite Level Program

16 Videos


Pre-season goalkeeper program

Pre Season Program

Targeted pre season training program just for Goalkeepers
Athlete performance videos

Elite Lifestyle Program

How to live an elite lifestyle on and off the pitch. 90 minutes of insights across 8 videos.
Ball Machine program

Ball Machine Program

Get the most out of your club's ball machine

What Members Are Saying

A wonderful resource Rach. Nothing quite like it on the market! It’s a bit like having a personal coach on the ipad and phone.

This program has been awesome and a fantastic resource.

Without Stomp I would find learning basics and improving in all areas very difficult. At club level there is no keeper training except being target that’s gets balls hit at them.

Stomp has allowed me to adjust my style, play with more confidence and definitely stop a lot more goals that before.

We play a different style in the UK so its good to learn how the best in the world do it. It has worked very well for me so far.

I love that Rachael is so quick to reply and always available for questions and advice.

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Behind The Scenes


Junior Program

Video Topic Length
1 Juggling 4:03
2 Stance & Positioning 4:08
3 Bunt Kicking 2:39
4 Hand-Eye Coordination 2:59
5 Stick Clearances 2:59
6 Penalty Corner 3:28
7 Sliding 3:00
8 Toe Kicking 3:30
9 Aussie Block 4:42
10 Diving 3:09
11 Penalty Corners – Laying Down 5:33
12 Deflections 2:48
13 Leg Saves 3:11
14 Strokes 3:21
15 One on Ones 3:19
16 Double Leg Block 2:27
17 Left Glove 3:01
18 Right Glove 3:15
19 Kicking Clearances 2:23
20 Agility 3:08
21 Warmup 4:50
22 Reflexes 2:28
23 Strength 3:07
24 Fitness 3:32
25 Drop Step 2:50
26 Takeover Tackle 2:25

Club Program Videos

Video Topic Video Length
1 Nine Yard Area 4:18
2 Agility 4:12
3 Nutrition - Filmed with AIS nutritionist 7:26
4 Juggling - against a wall 4:19
5 Bunt Kicking 4:41
6 Communication - How to call your defence 9:38
7 Penalty Corners - Laying Down/Getting Up 6:16
8 Hand-Eye Coordination 3:18
9 Reverse Edge Stick Clearances 4:38
10 Rules & Umpires 10:20
11 Penalty Corner - Drag flick saves 5:24
12 Kicking - managing the slow ball 4:27
13 Game Day Activation 4:53
14 Aussie Block 4:54
15 Baseline Defence 7:07
16 Diving/Intercepts 5:17
17 Penalty Corner - Deflections 4:37
18 Leg Saves 3:43
19 Strokes 4:53
20 One on Ones - Mental Preparation 8:37
21 Decision Making 9:31
22 Saving a Lob 3:52
23 Right Glove (European vs tube style) 5:09
24 Kicking Clearances - Bouncing Ball 5:28
25 Closing Down 4:39
26 Goalkeeper Fitness 10:04

Elite Program

Video Topic Length
1 Decision Making
2 One v One Skills – Hit, Slap, Lob
3 One v One Skills – Turn, Tomahawks
4 Drag Flicks – Reading cues
5 Hits/Slaps – Reading cues
6 9 yard area
7 Training unsighted
8 Deflections
9 PCD – saving hits
10 Kicking – Power & Accuracy
11 Circle Defence – Working with your defenders
12 PCD Set your defence
13 GK hydration strategies
14 Maintaining your gear
15 Hand Eye Coordination
16 Scouting Opposition

Elite Lifestyle Program Addon

Video Topic Length
1 Recovery 6:25
2 Elite Lifestyle - Creating Good Habits 8:57
3 Making Training a Lifestyle 7:51
4 Balance - Sport, Study, Life 12:02
5 Leadership 7:38
6 Resilience 17:32
7 Goal Setting 7:51
8 Non Selection 18:55

Pre Season Program

Video Topic Video Length
1 Warm Up & Injury Prevention 13:24
2 Mobility & Strength 15:01
3 Speed, Agility & Power 13:20

Ball Machine Video Addon

Video Topic Length
1 Around The World - Feet, Legs, Hands 11:18
2 Deflections 4:00
3 Penalty Corners 6:04

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Sick of just being target practice for everyone else at training? Join team STOMP and take your Goalkeeping to the next level!

As a specialised position and minority in a team of 16, training is often focused on field players. My dream is for all goalkeepers to feel empowered, supported and to get the targeted training they need and deserve. I am here to help and will be with you every step of the way.

That's why I started Stomp Goalkeeping – your very own guided goalkeeper training program covering all skills, techniques, mental approach and more. Through my 200+ game career as a Hockeyroo I've gained a wealth of knowledge about being an elite athlete both on and off the pitch and I feel that it is my duty to share this with young and aspiring goalkeepers from around the world.

Goalies are amazing people who put their bodies on the line each and every game as their team's last line of defense. Unfortunately all to often they are also overlooked as a priority when it comes to training. Many clubs and schools simply do not have the resources to properly coach such a specialised position. As a result I see far to many goalies used simply as target practice where they never learn necessary technique or skills to perform at their best.

Through weekly goalkeeper coaching videos and a large online community of goalkeepers I hope to help individuals take their game to the next level and and clubs get the most out of their goalies.

Train with me and join the online Stomp Goalkeeping community.

STOMP Goalkeeping is the largest online training resource just for hockey goalkeepers.