STOMP goalkeeper coaching videos

Junior Level Goalkeeper Coaching Program

Ideal for new goalkeepers or those in your first 1-3 years as a goalkeeper. Playing school and or club level.


26 videos targeted towards newer keepers

Ideal for new players or those with 1-3 years experience.

Learn from Australia's longest serving National goalkeeper - Rachael Lynch

Join a community of hundreds of goalkeepers from around the world


Once off fee. Watch as often as you like.


Video Topic Length
1 Juggling 4:03
2 Stance & Positioning 4:08
3 Bunt Kicking 2:39
4 Hand-Eye Coordination 2:59
5 Stick Clearances 2:59
6 Penalty Corner 3:28
7 Sliding 3:00
8 Toe Kicking 3:30
9 Aussie Block 4:42
10 Diving 3:09
11 Penalty Corners – Laying Down 5:33
12 Deflections 2:48
13 Leg Saves 3:11
14 Strokes 3:21
15 One on Ones 3:19
16 Double Leg Block 2:27
17 Left Glove 3:01
18 Right Glove 3:15
19 Kicking Clearances 2:23
20 Agility 3:08
21 Warmup 4:50
22 Reflexes 2:28
23 Strength 3:07
24 Fitness 3:32
25 Drop Step 2:50
26 Takeover Tackle 2:25

What Members Are Saying

A wonderful resource Rach. Nothing quite like it on the market! It’s a bit like having a personal coach on the ipad and phone.

This program has been awesome and a fantastic resource.

Without Stomp I would find learning basics and improving in all areas very difficult. At club level there is no keeper training except being target that’s gets balls hit at them.

Stomp has allowed me to adjust my style, play with more confidence and definitely stop a lot more goals that before.

We play a different style in the UK so its good to learn how the best in the world do it. It has worked very well for me so far.

I love that Rachael is so quick to reply and always available for questions and advice.

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