Goalkeeping: Update from South America


During 2019, STOMP and Laura Del Colle (London Olympian Argentina Hockey) created the Stomp Spanish Program to share Goalkeeping knowledge with those from Spanish speaking countries. The program continues to be a great success and Lau is currently sharing her skills and knowledge at a huge clinic in Argentina. Here Lau's update on the recent clinic:

Arqueros Okey Goalie Academy hosted a clinic on Sunday. More than 10 years they are running clinic for goalies that came from all the Country.

Laura Del Colle ( Olimpic Player of Leonas team in London 2012) is the founder and director, she is very passion on coaching goalies and every year with new exercises and knowledge.

The Clinic started on Sunday morning with  60 goalies that came from different cities of Argentina: Mendoza, San Luis, Cordoba, Formosa, Entre Ríos, Buenos Aires and Santa Fe. There were goalies from Mendoza that took 14 hours in bus to arrive, from San Luis 10 hours, Cordoba 6hs, etc.

In this edition it was the Super Star Goalie of Leonas Florencia Mutio, sharing knowledge and having fun with goalies
Different practical exercises on the field: Technical, Tactical, physical and mental, were each group of goalies could trained and had 2 coaches that coach them. The mental training is coordinated by CogniFit staff that are working together with Laura since 3 years.

In the morning session were Goalies, Coach, players and the Staff (85 people talking about Goalkeeping, it is amazing).
After that, they had a Lunch together. And in the afternoon, the theory of Goalkeeping.

To Join or find more information on the STOMP Spanish Program click here


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