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The New 2020 STOMP Programs Have Arrived!

STOMP Goalkeeping Training Program

Well 2020 is fast approaching and I am super excited not only because it's an Olympic year, but also because we have some very exciting changes at STOMP.

We're always looking for opportunities to improve your experience with the program and loved some of the ideas and suggestions that came through as part of the end of year member survey. This feedback has led to some big changes in next years program that we'll try to break down in the post below.


Instant access:
In the Netflix age it's all about watching on demand. We also had the problem with members hesitant to sign up towards the end of the year for fear they had missed out on much of the discussion around topics.As such we've done away with staged release of videos throughout the year and all videos will be available immediately. We'll continue to gradually discuss the different topics throughout the year but if there's something specific you need to work on for you game next week you'll be able to get access to it right away.

Ongoing access:
This is a big one and it affects all current members. We've done away with limited subscription periods. When you buy a package now you will have ongoing access to the videos (no expiry date). We're also backdating this for all current members so while you're original program access would expire in March next year, you'll now continue to have access to all your videos on the platform.


Re-branded programs based on skill level:

One of the most common bits of feedback was that users wanted to choose a program targeted to their skill level. While we've gradually increased the complexity of the program over the years we decided it was time to break away from calendar years and focus on skill level.

As such we now have 3 tiers of program:

Junior Program
This program is ideal for new goalkeepers or those in your first 1-3 years as a goalkeeper, playing school and or club level.

For existing members it is important to know that the majority of this program has come from our 2018 package. These are simpler 3-4 minute videos that cover the basics and core skills required to be a goalkeeper and develop your game.

Club Program
Ideal for club players looking to increase their skills or aspiring to gain selection at regional/state level.

Again, for existing members it is important to know that the majority of this program has come from our 2019 package (the one most of you are doing now). These are simpler 3-4 minute videos that cover the basics and core skills required to be a goalkeeper and develop your game.

Elite Program (ALL NEW)
This will be the perfect choice for our current members as it will provide you all with 16 specialized videos, available all at once, with some more advanced and complex skills, drills and topics. I have engaged some of Australia’s best goalkeepers to ensure this content is top class and designed around what the national teams are doing. These videos are longer to include as much information for you as possible PLUS they are available to you ongoing so you can watch them whenever you want.


Hockey Preseason program 2PRE-SEASON PROGRAM
I have also heard your feedback around the physical side of goalkeeping and your desire for guidance and support with your Pre Season. I loved putting this package together as it includes all my favourite Pre Season exercises I’ve used over my 21 years as a goalkeeper.There are 3 videos in the package and all include a huge array of drills that you can put together to create your ultimate preseason program. Many of these exercises I also use weekly throughout the year so the benefits are on going. Injury prevention is the secret to success as keeping your body in shape and on the training track means you can work harder and therefore maximize potential. I love spending time building my body whether its mobility, strength, speed, power or agility. We have to be fast, agile and very coordinated so get on and start your preseason as soon as you can. The season will be here before you know it.

We've got a range of new packages available if you're after more than just the base program. Jump onto the home page to find out more.

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