Sick of just being target practice for everyone else at training? Join team STOMP and take your Goalkeeping to the next level!

As a specialised position and minority in a team of 16, training is often focused on field players. My dream is for all goalkeepers to feel empowered, supported and to get the targeted training they need and deserve. I am here to help and will be with you every step of the way.

That's why I started Stomp Goalkeeping – your very own guided goalkeeper training program covering all skills, techniques, mental approach and more. Train with me and join the online Stomp Goalkeeping community.

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Rachael Lynch
Australian Hockeyroo Goalkeeper

What Is STOMP Goalkeeping?

Now with 3 levels of training to choose from

Basic Package

Access to Members Only Forum

Early access to coaching clinics

Gold Package
Over $700 in value

Everything that's included with the Basic Package PLUS

Access to 2018 STOMP video archive (26 videos)

2 x 5 minute personal video reviews by Rachael Lynch

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Your ultimate online training program

Receive detailed skills training videos from Australian Goalkeeper Rachael Lynch. Videos are delivered fortnightly via our easy to use platform that will allow you to log in and access the latest videos and review our archive of past skills sessions. Total of 26 videos over 12 months

Consistent practice of basic skills is crucial so this program will give you targeted training throughout the year allowing you to consistently practice all the necessary skills you need to progress your goalkeeping and become a game changer for your team.

No longer will you stand in the net and just be target practice for your team mates.

Use these instructional videos, with the help of your coach, team-mate or parent, to guide your training sessions and make little improvements every day.

Additional Stand Alone Video Packages

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Ball Machine Package
hockey Ball machine

3 Specialised training videos

Why ball machine training is so valuable

Drills to get the most out of your club's ball machine

2018 Archive
Immediate access to a full 28 training videos
Hockey training videos

26 Elite Training Videos

The full 2018 video archive

Immediate access - watch all videos immediately

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Why I Started STOMP



Standard Video Package Release Dates

Video Release Date
1 Nine Yard Area 31 January 2019
2 Agility 31 January 2019
3 Nutrition - Filmed with AIS nutritionist 31 January 2019
4 Juggling - against a wall 12 February 2019
5 Bunt Kicking 26 February 2019
6 Communication - How to call your defence 12 March 2019
7 Penalty Corners - Laying Down/Getting Up 26 March 2019
8 Hand-Eye Coordination 09 April 2019
9 Reverse Edge Stick Clearances 23 April 2019
10 Rules & Umpires 07 May 2019
11 Penalty Corner - Drag flick saves 21 May 2019
12 Kicking - managing the slow ball 04 June 2019
13 Game Day Activation 18 June 2019
14 Aussie Block 02 July 2019
15 Baseline Defence 16 July 2019
16 Diving/Intercepts 30 July 2019
17 Penalty Corner - Deflections 13 August 2019
18 Leg Saves 27 August 2019
19 Strokes 10 September 2019
20 One on Ones - Mental Preparation 24 September 2019
21 Decision Making 08 October 2019
22 Saving a Lob 22 October 2019
23 Right Glove (European vs tube style) 05 November 2019
24 Kicking Clearances - Bouncing Ball 19 November 2019
25 Closing Down 03 December 2019
26 Goalkeeper Fitness 17 December 2019

Elite Video Addon (released Jan 31 2019)

  1. Recovery
  2. Elite lifestyle - Creating good habits
  3. Making training a lifestyle - training on holidays
  4. Balance – Sport, Study, Life
  5. Leadership
  6. Resilience
  7. Goal setting
  8. Non Selection

Ball Machine Video Addon

  1. Around the World – Feet, Legs, Hands
  2. Deflections
  3. Penalty Corners

For security we accept payments via credit card or bank account through PayPal only.

All videos are for subscribers only and are only playable through the members page.

Videos are released fortnightly in accordance with the release schedule above. Videos can be watched an unlimited number of times and all previous releases will remain available to subscribers until March 2020.


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